Lotteries in Scotland

Scotland is in love with games of chance and gambling in general. Today, we are going to talk about the different lotteries you can play in Scotland.

National Lottery

This one is not Scottish, though people in Scotland are more than welcome to participate in it. The thing about the National Lottery is that it combines the thrill of gambling with the development of local communities. To participate, you only need to be 16 or over and physically located in the UK or the Isle of Man. There are several games that are included in the National Lottery:

· Lotto (and HotPicks)

· EuroMillions (and HotPicks)

· Set For Life

· Thunderball

· Instant Win Games

The biggest prize pool can be found in EuroMillions – at the time of writing the last game had a prize pool of whopping £14 million! That’s incredible if you take into account that the ticket costs £2.50.

Scottish Children’s Lottery

Much like the National Lottery, the Scottish Children’s Lottery is less about gambling and more about suing gambling as a resource. You pick five numbers between 1 and 49 and if you manage to match all five, congratulations! That means that the jackpot of £25.000 is yours. The fewer numbers you manage to get mean that you win less money, with 2 matched numbers or a bonus number giving you a chance to play again.

You can choose your own numbers, or you can purchase something known as the Fast Pick entry. Here, the numbers are chosen at random for you. When you win a free game, you can only get a Fast Pick ticket, rather than choose your own numbers.

The lottery here is set up in a way that prevents excessive gambling. There are two limits involved: a limit on how much money you can deposit into your account during a set period of time, and a limit on how many tickets you can purchase within a set period of time.

Where does helping the community come in, you may ask? Well, at least 20% of the ticket sales go to one of the four SCIOs, or Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organizations, that are working towards alleviating poverty and helping child welfare.

Responsible Gambling

All lotteries acknowledge that gambling should not be taken lightly and is supposed to be fun and not a sustainable way to earn money. That is why every time you visit a site that deals with lotteries, you are urged to gamble responsibly. The Scottish Children’s Lottery even has limits imposed on its prospective patrons, as stated before, that serve to prevent the players from getting carried away. Not only do these organizations recognize problem gambling as an issue, but they have also found a way to make it benefit society as a whole.